A hiring platform for ecosystems.

Attract and collect the best job candidates in one place, leveraging your company story and your extended network.

SortBox is free to promote your company, collect leads and share jobs.

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Avoid all incoming junk email and spam, and store all your applicant info in the secure AWS cloud. Bonus: No more Excel.

Promote your company story using messaging specific to new hires. Explain why someone should work for you.

Simple Employer Branding

Keep all your jobs and job applicants in one place, monitor new applicants, track traffic and source of applicant.


Smart Social Sharing

View referrals and repeat applicants automatically, track and keep notes on best applicants as you get to know them.


With SortBox you can sort through hundreds of applicants as fast as flying through tinder. One view, one sort.

Sort like a Boss

Analytics are built into company pages and job pages so you know where applicants come from and how many hits your pages are getting.


Easily create great looking job pages and edit them at anytime without needing help from web developers.

No code editing

Your page looks great on web or mobile. We've done all the work for you.

Mobile friendly

One click sharing to social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to make it easier for you and your network to share your job.

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The crazy days of using email to collect job applicants are over. SortBox collects all the applicant information for you. Resumes, cover letters, social media links, images, source and referral data are organized together in your job's tidy sortbox.

SortBox handles the volume of candidates. No more Email.

Built to review hundreds quickly.

With the additional applicants flowing your way, you need to be able to find the best talent fast. SortBox empowers you to be able to sort through all your applicants into Yes, No, and Maybe bins in minutes. Find the best people faster.

Collect from everywhere, sort quickly and identify the right person.

Easily collect from everywhere and everyone, including Craigslist, and all the applicants end up in your sortbox. Quickly identify who is worth your time, spend more time evaluating the right candidates, and hire the best candidate for the job.

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When you are hiring, SortBox is only $25 a month to post unlimited jobs and collect unlimited applicants.

30 day free trial. No CC needed.

SortBox is currently invite only. If you do not have an invite, please add your email to be invited to our public beta. We won't share or sell your email.

Network Hiring




job seekers with company and job pages.

your jobs and the jobs in your network.

sort and organize your job applicants.

A hiring platform that leverages your own crowd.

Unlike a job site, promote your job within your own network. Better candidates and faster time to hire.

Easily identify the best talent.

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