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SortBox is hiring technology for the rest of us.

We make hiring simple, easy, and efficient.

There are 5 key problems with hiring for a small business.


Hiring using email can be a pain. We replaced the email inbox with a "sortbox", a cloud based system to easily review and sort job applicants, resumes, cover letters, your notes to help you easily identify who is worth talking to. It also prevents spam and viruses and junk. It's a different way of sorting through applicants which saves time and allows you to make better hiring choices. 

Every job recieves it's own sortbox.The sortbox presorts all your applications for a job and displays them in a quick preview format in a visually appealing way. This reduces the time it takes to review applicants by allowing you to move through applications and make a yes/no/maybe decision with a click of a button. The screening process will not seem as much of a chore when using a sortbox. It really helps.


Looking for a job is exhausting. What is worse? Applying for a job and feeling like you are doing your taxes.

SortBox's job applications have been used by 5,000+ job applicants already. It is designed from the ground up to make applying for a job easy and simple. Easier job applications makes for more job applicants.


A job isn't just a description. To find the best talent, you need to explain what the job entails and what kind of person is needed for the role and why. The job needs to be marketed and sold. A job page explains why the job is worth applying for in the first place. Each job recieves it's own presence in the form of a stylized and custom job page.

People apply for jobs because they like the job and want the job. So you need to promote the job itself. This is especially true for small businesses because a job applicant might not know much about your company, unlike say Nike, Ford or BestBuy.


Not what you sell or what you do but who you are and why someone would like to work for you. That is where employer branding comes in, or more simply, an optimized career site just for your company. Companies promote themselves to talent through an employer branded website or career site. Job seekers need to know about your company.  Who are you? Where are you? What do people say about you? 

Each company has it's own company page with Sortbox, which is a simple responsive mobile friendly web page that allows you to promote your company and talk to potential job seekers directly. Each company page also has a spam proof contact system, maps, and of course your job listings. 


All promotion and organization doesn't help if people don't know you are hiring. You can have the best coffee in the world but unless people know you have it, you won't get any business. The truth is that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to promote each job.

SortBox is designed to easily share your job within all your existing networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as with other businesses you know. 

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We just want to make it easier for small businesses to hire great people.


Justin Sherratt 

ex recruiter. small business owner.

Founder of @SortBox.


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