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Hiring is difficult, you need to leverage your existing networks to find the best people.

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SortBox is a simple system for you to manage and organize your hiring and promote your jobs and company across the web. Create your own branded careers page for your company and easily share your job with all your social networks and existing contacts.

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SortBox builds your own branded career page. We host it. You get your own vanity url. Sign up using your Business's Twitter account and SortBox imports your branding and logo and company details. A SortBox Careers Page is FREE.

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Creating a great looking job page in SortBox takes seconds. Your company details, job description and logo help make your job look great. Easily add Images or Video that may better demonstrate why someone should work for your company.

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Your job now has it's own branded, rich media ready web page. Easily share your job and it's details with one click to Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  This makes it easy for your contacts, employees, and others in your social networks to now share your job and let everyone know you are hiring. 

Share a job easily on Facebook with SortBox
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Collect Applicants

SortBox is designed to make it easy for you to sort your applicants. Regardless if you have shared your job on Craigslist, Twitter, your company website or Facebook, all job applicants end up in your sortbox for your job. Review their Resume, Cover letter, even image samples with one click. SortBox renders the old jobs@yourcompany.com email inbox obsolete.