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Hiring is difficult, you need to leverage your existing networks to find the best people.

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Get your hiring online with your own FREE branded Careers Page.

Create your own branded careers page for your company and easily share your job with all your social networks and existing contacts.

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SortBox builds your own branded "careers" page in seconds. We host it. No hassles. No need for web designers. No Coding needed. Sign up using the company or business Twitter account and SortBox will even import your logo and company details.

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Ever Job need it's own web page! Why? How else are you going to share it with all your networks and friends. With SortBox, you can create as many jobs as you want and each gets it's own unique web page. Look Professional!

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Easily share your job and it’s details with one click to Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  This makes it easy for your contacts, employees, and others in your social networks to now share your job and let everyone know you are hiring. 

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Collect Applicants

Tired of dealing with email and losing candidate info? SortBox Pro (currently free and in beta) removes email from the sourcing workflow. It renders the old jobs@yourcompany.com email inbox obsolete. Applicants instead upload their info into your job's sortbox. Resumes, cover letter, custom answers, even images and social media links are all nearly collected for you in one place to review and sort efficiently. Why deal with a flooded INBOX with hundreds of emails and attachments, when you can have it all neatly organized in a SORTBOX.