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Digital technology made it easier for everyone to send more resumes and flood your inbox with good and bad candidates.


SortBox collects, organizes and sorts all your job applicants so you can quickly identify the good from the bad.


Each job has it's own sortbox which collects resumes, cover letters, all the applicant data and images into one view so that you can review at high speed.

Why SortBox?


Job Descriptions only go halfway, to get the best candidates, you must sell your company and the job to prospective job seekers.

Attract the Best People.


SortBox gives you your own branded career page designed for hiring and marketing your company and jobs.


Each careers page is optimized to help you hire. Tell your story with the help of testimonials and key offerings. Show off your location and collect feedback from visitors. Check your analytics so you know your traffic and it source.


Questions? Here are some answers:

1. Why is it called SortBox?

SortBox replaces your "inbox" with a "sortbox". Our team has a background in recruiting and also film production. In casting, you used to have to quickly sort through hundreds of people with paper resumes and photos and sort them into different cardboard boxes to keep track of everyone while also finding the ones worth meeting. When a digital platform to replace that workflow was to be named, we chose "SortBox".

2. How much does it cost?

SortBox is free for the first 30 days, no credit card needed. After 30 days SortBox is $25 per month. The same cost as one Craigslist ad. 

3. What does that get me?

For $25 a month, you get your own career page, analytics, job sharing platform, unlimited job pages, custom job applications, unlimited job applicants, secure AWS candidate storage and online support. Reach out to us and we will do what we can to help you hire more people!

4. Do you post jobs for me on third party job sites like Indeed?

SortBox currently does not post your job on third party job sites. We feel that the best candidates come from your own networks, and extensions of those networks. We have focused on making it easy as possible for people to share their jobs, and for others to share your jobs too.

5. Does it work with Craigslist?

SortBox works great with Craigslist! By using the url of your job in your description on a Craiglist ad, applicants end up in your SortBox and not your email. 

6. What is smart social sharing?

When you or others share your job on social media it includes meta information about your job so it looks great on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

7. I saw "jobs in network". What is that?

SortBox allows everyone to share everyone else's jobs. This means that any friend of yours or business contact on the SortBox platform can also share your jobs on their page, and their's on yours. 

8. I don't hire, would I use SortBox?

If you know people who are hiring, and you would like to share those jobs with your own networks, you can use SortBox to great effect. Helping people in your networks find jobs, and helping companies you know find great talent, is a strong indicator of your postive contribution to your ecosystem. 

9. I'm not hiring right now, how would SortBox help me?

You should always be recruiting. Even if you are not hiring today, you should always be looking for the best candidate and best talent. SortBox's career page also provides another constant face of your company online. SortBox gives you the option to post jobs that you are not hiring for right now, but may be in the future. This way you can build up a collection of prospective new hires, with the goal of going into your SortBox the next time you need to hire, and skipping the hunting process altogether. 

10. Does it work?

Yes. We have had over 6,000+ people apply through SortBox to date.

Copyright SortBox 2015. SortBox is legally registered trademark in the United Stated of America.

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