Employer Branding for Small Business

SortBox is an easy to use platform to give you an employer brand so you can attract talent. In other words, we give you an awesome careers page for your business so you can attract job seekers and convert them to job applicants.



Attract the best talent by demonstrating why they should work for you.

Create a professional, mobile optimized careers page and rich media job pages. No Coding. Edit anytime. 


Sort all the applicants in minutes using the proprietary SortBox management system.


Efficient. Targeted. Simple.

SortBox is the simple platform to attract, collect and organize the best talent for now and the future.

Professional Careers Page in Minutes

Built in Analytics

Safely Store all your Applicant Data in the Cloud

Optimized for Mobile

Built in Google Maps to show where you are.

Post Photos and Video to Attract Talent

Over 5,000 job applicants have already applied to a job using SortBox.

SortBox gives small businesses the equal footing they need to compete with large companies.

Alex Schiff

CEO Fetchnotes

“All I want is a simple, easy-to-use repository for may job posting that I could link people to, without all the distractions and lock-in of a recruiting site. SortBox delivers on exactly that need, and it delivers well.”  


“SortBox is the best thing to happen to recruitment since Craigslist. It reduces the time we spend dealing with new applicants by 90% and ensure we never miss a great candidate”  

David Silverglide

Founder MixtGreens

“That was the nicest job application I have ever filled out! Thank you!!”

Real Job Canididate

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SortBox is the only easy to use platform that gives you an employer brand, job pages and collects and organizes all your job applicants.

Employer Branding for Small Business

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